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The Gifts of Solitude and Turning Inwards

From Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh “Quiet time alone, contemplation, prayer, music, a centring line of thought or reading, of study or work. It can be physical or intellectual or artistic, any creative life proceeding from oneself. It need not be an enormous project or a great work. But it should be… Continue reading The Gifts of Solitude and Turning Inwards

Book Reviews

Review: Riding the Dragon

This week Zoe is reading Riding the Dragon: 10 lessons for inner strength in challenging times by Robert J. Wicks. The book is a spiritual and psychological guide to dealing with adversity and spiritual crisis. It’s aimed at people who work as therapists and counsellors, but anyone struggling to cope with overwhelming problems will find… Continue reading Review: Riding the Dragon

Book Reviews

Review: The Dark Night of the Soul by Gerald May

This week Zoe is reading The Dark Night of the Soul by Gerald May, subtitled: A Psychiatrist Explores the Connection between Darkness and Spiritual Growth. The book explores the dark night through the writings of two of the best known Christian mystics: John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, and addresses some of the… Continue reading Review: The Dark Night of the Soul by Gerald May

Spiritual Glossary

Glossary: Five Remembrances

The Five Remembrances come from the Upajjhatthana Sutra, which means ‘Subjects for Contemplation.’ The Buddha recommended reciting these verses every day to help you remember that life is precious and time is short. The Five Remembrances are simple statements of the facts of life and death. So meditating on them is about accepting reality as… Continue reading Glossary: Five Remembrances

Wisdom Quotes

Hafiz – Behold Yourself

Like a great film or play everyone should see – behold yourself. 

“We are trying to get ourselves in the centre of our soul, in the ground of our being and in the midst of the myth trying to live through us. This won’t solve all the world’s problems, but it makes life beautiful, deep and rich, giving us the right kind of longing and helping others as well.” – Michael Meade