God needs you to keep Him company…

A beautiful quote from Chasm of Fire by Irina Tweedie:

“Memories come crowding in. Unexpectedly I hear his voice again, remember his kindness. I recalled particularly, on a day of trembling luminosity, of sparkling transparency, that he was already seated outside when an Indian village woman came to him. She was small, very thin, her face wrinkled and shrunken, as if dried up by the merciless sun and the hot winds of the plains.

“She was telling an endless, sorrowful litany of her troubles. Illnesses, misery, the death of her husband and most of her children. Now she was alone, useless, nobody needed her, she had nothing to hope for, nothing to live for…

“And she came out with the question which seemed to burn, scorching her trembling lips:

‘Maharaj, why did God create this world so full of troubles? Why did He create me to endure all these sufferings?’

“I saw him lean forward, a shimmering light in his eyes, the light of compassion I knew and loved so well. His voice was soft when he answered:

‘Why has He created the world? That you should be in it! Why has He created you? He is alone; He needs you!’

“Never will I forget the broad, blissful smile on that lined emaciated face when she was walking away. She went happy in the knowledge that she was not alone, not really, for God needed her to keep Him company because He too was alone

“Never will I forget the love that I felt then. Only a very Great Soul could have expressed so simply and convincingly one of the greatest Mysteries to a naïve, childlike, village woman. The Ultimate Metaphysical Truth: that He who is Alone and Perfect in order to realise His Perfection, created the Universe…”

Image: Helping Hand

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