Spring arrives in Ouseburn

Every year I look forward to the arrival of the lambs at the farm in the Ouseburn valley. They bounce and skip their way into everybody’s hearts…

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Photo Album: The Waymarkers of Ouseburn

On my walks around the local neighbourhood I often come across artworks and curious sculptures that make me want to learn more about the area. The Waymarkers were created by Lewis Robinson in 2002 to mark the main routes through the Ouseburn valley. They’re made from steel and glass, and each one celebrates a different aspect of the industrial past and culture of the area. The route itself is marked by blue-green bottles lined up on walls or propped against railings, like this one:

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Guide to Newcastle: Bottle Bank

Addled mostly happens in Newcastle, but the story begins on the other side of the river in Gateshead. Zoe Popper marches down Bottle Bank to cross the Tyne, before entering the Pitcher & Piano bar where the action kicks off.

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