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“Very excellent book. A lot of thought provoking ideas. Will definitely read it again.”

– ★★★★★ Goodreads review: 9 March 2019

David Hooe

“Just finished Addled and found your FB page…and have been exhaling since. I’ll see you in your/my dreams. Thanks for the window, swiftly becoming a large doorway.”

Comment received on my Facebook Page on 10 February 2017

Barbara Steel Peschl

First and foremost – a sincere thank you for the book. It is one of those rare works which you don’t just find – it finds you when the time is ripe. Of all the works I’ve read through the years, the closest would be “The Education of Adam Speaker” by Richard Dance, although by no means I intend to compare the two. I dare to guess that some of Jung’s works will bear resemblance too. Yours is unique in itself, inviting the reader beyond the realm of the rational and questioning the accepted dogma. I’ve also read through many of your website posts and in a way, they help to clarify the ideas which tend to elude the grasp of the rational mind – so a separate thank you for that.

– via Email Contact on Website: 1 January 2017


“Hello Jessica
I found your site during my research of Camille Flammarion, saw your book “Addled” and bought it. A good read! I’d like to know how much of it was true!!”
– via Email Contact on Website: 8 February 2016


Tiramit Gravatar Image“So many interesting things in these two posts. Thanks for researching it all for us, you write well – and it reminds me I forgot to mention I bought Addled. A mystical experience in our ordinary world. Great!”
– Comment posted on Origins of Christmas Part 2: 21 Dec 2014

Visit Tiramit’s blog here: Dhamma Footsteps


“Ms Davidson, I read four hours, finishing “Addled….” after midnight, last night. It’s been a long time since I did that! Good book! Thanks. mac”
– via Email Contact on Website: 19 July 2014

Mac McMaster

Joanne Simpson GravatarWhere is the line between “real” and “spiritual? This is the compelling story of a cynic and atheist who suffers from mystical experiences, which she fears signal mental illness. Her disturbed childhood and problematic relationship with both her mother and brother offer little support as she is thrust into the adult world full of confusion and disturbing cross-currents. She meets a musician, himself with a troubled childhood, and together they manage to form a supportive relationship. But she once again is plagued with doubts and delusions and then goes on a spirit journey that involves regular visits from a guru who, it turns out, lives far away. Despite bits of magical realism that thread through the book, it is a compelling and believable tale of a spiritual journey, grounded in the real world.
– ★★★★★ Amazon review: 4 June 2014

J. V. Simson

D Hicks Gravatar“Love this book. A great story brilliantly written. I especially love that I can deeply empathise with the protagonist and relate so closely to the journey she’s taken. It’s a spirited book that I’m going to read again very soon.”
– ★★★★★ Amazon review: 21 May 2014


Diane Goble Amazon Profile picReview by a mystic. “A bit over the top at times but overall a good attempt at describing the process of transformation to higher consciousness.”
– ★★★★ Amazon review: 1 May 2014

Diane Goble

“An absolutely great read. Addled is an absolutely great read, a story written with a great sense of pace and wit which just fizzes along. Zoe Popper, the main character, is a fascinating creation. Her adventures in the esoteric world of Zen and other forms of spirituality are so cleverly told. I find l have come to understand quite a lot about mindfulness without realizing that was happening! Zoe is a tough-minded, down to earth young woman struggling to make sense of the emotional turmoil that threatens to overwhelm her. Following her as she sets out to find an explanation to her problems and perhaps a solution, her relationship with her musician boyfriend and the truth behind a mysterious guru – is he for real or a figment of her troubled imagination? – all make for an un-put-down-able story. Buy it now. You will be hugely entertained and you might even learn something really interesting about how the human mind works.”
– ★★★★★ Amazon review: 17 Mar 2014


“An exciting new author. Funny yet tragic, inspiring yet disturbing, reminiscent of Kate Atkinson yet a unique style, this book will stay with you long after finishing it.” Penny P.
– ★★★★ Amazon review: 21 Feb 2014

Penny Parker

“Challenge your mind. It’s amazing, thought-provoking, fascinating, challenging. I could identity with some/many experiences on different levels – and I’ve never doubted my sanity.”
– ★★★★★ Amazon review: 10 Feb 2014


“This is amazing! A very well crafted story, reaching great heights and depths. It draws you in from the outset, a real page turner. Wonderful. Highly recommended.”
– ★★★★★ Amazon review: 4 Feb 2014


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