How to Meditate: Zen Walking

When we think of meditation, it usually conjures an image of Buddha sitting with a serene smile on his face. But meditation doesn’t always have to be practised sitting down. You can practice moving meditations while doing almost anything: running, dancing, doing the gardening or cleaning, and while exercising or walking. The practices of Tai… Continue reading How to Meditate: Zen Walking


How to Meditate: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation where you practise being aware of whatever is happening in the present moment without judging or thinking about it. If you’ve been watching your breath, then you’re already practising mindfulness. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful meditation practices because it can be done anywhere and at any… Continue reading How to Meditate: Mindfulness


How to Meditate: Watching the Breath

Watching the breath is simple but powerful and provides a solid foundation for your meditation practice. It keeps you grounded in your body and stops your mind wandering off and driving you crazy. It’s a good idea to start your daily practice with this meditation and then move on to other types once your mind… Continue reading How to Meditate: Watching the Breath

Spiritual Glossary

Spiritual Glossary: Meditation

Meditation means different things in a variety of contexts and can be practised in an endless variety of ways. The word comes from the Latin meditatio and the verb meditari, which means ‘to think, contemplate, devise, or ponder.’ It was used as a translation for Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practices called dhyana, from the Sanskrit… Continue reading Spiritual Glossary: Meditation

Wisdom Quotes

The Love that is Always Present

In this quote from The Chasm of Fire, Irina Tweedie explores the nature of love and how her understanding of it changed over time. But then she realises the consequences of the truth of that love: ’What is this stillness? Could it really be peace? Isn’t love the most peaceless state? I don’t remember having… Continue reading The Love that is Always Present