Spring arrives in Ouseburn

Every year I look forward to the arrival of the lambs at the farm in the Ouseburn valley. They bounce and skip their way into everybody’s hearts…

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Obi Wan visits Ouseburn

Obi Wan leaves Seven Stories with his mum
Obi Wan leaves Seven Stories with his mum

You see some strange sights living opposite Seven Stories (the Centre for Children’s Books in Newcastle) but this was one of the best: a mini Obi Wan Kenobi walking down the street with his mum. He’d just been attending one of the events at the Star Wars Weekend, and I managed to catch this shot as he wandered past, lightsaber clutched firmly in both hands.

Street Art of Ouseburn

Wandering around Ouseburn you often come across unexpected things. As Zoe describes it in Addled, the area is “an evolving time capsule, an oasis of animals and art in the centre of town.” Here’s a glimpse of some of the most curious or arresting images I’ve stumbled across: (click pics for a closer look…)

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Graffiti: Decay or Love?

Old City Wall-Decay or Love
Newcastle’s old town wall, plus interesting graffiti

I took this shot of the old town wall on a beautiful sunny day, wandering around the city with my camera. But I didn’t notice the graffiti until I looked at the picture later – a perfect image for Addled. Zoe builds a wall around herself to protect her from the chaos she feels will destroy her. In the end, it is love that tears that wall down. Love is the only thing that can counter entropy…