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Addled opens a window…

A big thank you to Barbara Steel Peschl for the beautiful comment on Facebook. It’s a wonderful thing when a book you have lived with for years, sprouts wings and finds its way to a new home.

Spring is finally here – time to open the windows…


The Book

Reluctant Mystic: from Atheist to Agnostic

I started life as a default atheist. My family weren’t religious and spirituality wasn’t part of my daily life. I never thought about it or questioned it. Unlike America, the UK and Europe are mostly secular. In the UK, if you admit to believing in God, or even being mildly curious, people tend to assume… Continue reading Reluctant Mystic: from Atheist to Agnostic

The Book

A History of Addled

How I wrote the book and how it changed: from idea to publication.

I never wanted to be a writer. I didn’t fantasise about seeing my words in print or imagine adoring fans hanging on my every word. I believed I was an inarticulate musician and sound engineer. Writing anything would simply confirm my deepest fears: that I was stupid. So it was quite a surprise to find myself, in my early 30s, with a head full of stories all demanding attention and expression. Continue reading →