Greek VS Aramaic Bible Versions -The First Impediment

Interesting post on the importance of understanding the meanings of words in the right context and the perils of mistranslation. I never knew the Aramaic word for God is both masculine and feminine – gives new depths to the teachings…

Waking The Infinite

Recently I shared with you a project I undertook as the result of a realization I had during the course of my early awakening related to early Christian texts and how it was that I saw a big elephant in the room that had managed not to make its way to the canonical Gospels. 

My first big question as I made this realization was “why?” The answer has pulled in a number of reasons, not just one, which is one reason why I have been moved to undertake this project. It is a fascinating story, and it helps to bring early Christian thought back to where it needs to be, in my estimation, which is a complete system not only for being, but for becoming more than we thought possible. 

The first, and perhaps most important layer or impediment to deeper realization of what Christ was teaching is…

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Mystical Texts: The Cloud of Unknowing

The Cloud of Unknowing is a classic mystical text that was written by an anonymous English monk in the 14th century. It’s a guide to contemplative prayer but with an agnostic approach that’s very similar to Zen, once you get past the religious language. The main message of the text is that God is ultimately unknowable and incomprehensible to the human mind, so if you want to ‘know God’, you have to let go of all your ideas about whatever it is you call ‘God.’ In essence, God can’t be defined so the only way to approach it is through surrender into not knowing.

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