Once you know the truth, you can’t deny it…

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have no choice but to surrender to the overwhelming reality of the truth. Whether you’re a mystic or not, God will catch up with you eventually, as this nun explains in Contemplative Nuns Speak:

“…Sometimes it has driven me to rebellion … and many a time it has made me weep. When one knows that God exists, one is pursued and tormented until one surrenders, vanquished and defeated. Oh, my pride and ingratitude! You stiff-necked people, what is your reply? You cannot escape from that certitude which dazzles and confounds you, and shows you the state you are in. I have often had this atrocious thought: Better not discover anything of God, then one would not have to give up anything. I felt with some reason that if I had not yielded, I would have gone to perdition.”


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