A belief which is taken up can be given up…

This is a quote from Chasm of Fire by Irina Tweedie where she talks about how the mind can suddenly shift into clarity. One thought can act as a trigger that opens the mind and your whole being is changed – transported into a perception of Reality:

“He went inside and I remained alone in the garden. A yellow sunset dramatically lit the sky; everything around was glowing with gold… Oh, to merge in all this wonderful gold, the colour of joy! Disappear in it for ever, to forget, not to think, not to doubt, not to suffer any more! The western sky…liquid azure and aquamarine between the delicate feathers of shining gold, shimmering through the foliage. A feeling of magic as in dimly-remembered dreams… The air was so pure, the earth so fragrant. All the objects around – the trees, the leaves, the stones, the whole town, seemed to breathe.

“Suddenly, crystal-clear, a thought floated into my mind: a belief which is taken up can be given up; after all, you were not born with this idea of karma. You accepted it; what is accepted can be rejected. This is the way the mind is made…

“Well, I thought; that’s that. And went home. Put up my charpoy [rope bed] in the courtyard and lay on my back looking at the sky. Then it happened. It was as if something snapped inside my head, and the whole of me was streaming out ceaselessly, without diminishing, on and on. There was no ‘me’ – just flowing. Just being. A feeling of unending expansion, just streaming forth… But all this I knew only later, when I tried to remember it. When I first came back, the first clear, physical sensation was of intense cold. It was shattering. But what was it? Was it prayer? Not in the ordinary sense. For a prayer there must be somebody to pray.

But I was not. I did not exist.”

From Chasm of Fire