Wisdom Quotes

Your desires are your friends…

“Shakyamuni Buddha ‘renounced’ most of his worldly desires, for he didn’t have them! His particular soul was already fulfilled as far as his human nature is concerned. He brought this emotional completion from past lives. All he needed to do was to reach the beyond, to merge with the unborn…But his life cannot become a model for everyone. It was appropriate for his particular soul and blueprint. If you, for instance try to fit this model, you will hurt your soul and cripple yourself. If you follow the Theravada philosophy and attempt to eliminate all your desires, exercising detachment, you will go against your soul. You will block the positive expansion in your evolution. You need to have many experiences and desires. They help you. Your desires are your friends! How otherwise could you possibly grow? Having no desires has nothing to do with being a buddha. A person who has no desires is dead!” – anadi


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