You are the space where the story of life is dreamt

“Like the shaman’s agonising inner journey, the personal self experiences a form of death or annihilation as the powerful, impersonal, unconscious Self emerges. This is a disconcerting experience. One can feel alone as one crosses an ontological boundary away from the familiar world and the language describing that familiar reality becomes lost. ‘Being’ unfolds impersonally and one experiences life as a mystery. All former belief systems become dysfunctional. Anchorless and with no life support, one loses the sense of being in control, realising that one was never in control to begin with. One awakens and discovers that one is simply the space where the story of life and identity is dreamt. One goes through the death throes of a hell realm that slowly gives way to subjective awareness without a personal story and then, eventually, to the liberating feeling that we are the space of interconnected human experience, driven by unconditional love and compassion.”

– Rick Stuart quoted in the Afterword of Bernardo Kastrup’s Why Materialism is Baloney

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