Book Review: Dark Nights of the Soul

This week Zoe is reading Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore, a brilliant book full of guidance and inspiration for anyone living through the darker side of life. Moore takes a positive approach that embraces the darkness. He sees the dark night as a challenge and an opportunity for healing, a time when you can use your darkest moments to deepen and restore wholeness to your soul.

Imagine a black sun at your core, a dark luminosity that is less innocent and more interesting than naïve sunshine. That is one of the gifts a dark night has to offer you.”

Using mythology and depth psychology, Thomas Moore explores how you move from one part of your life to the next, and how your rites of passage can become infused with wisdom and self-knowledge. The dark night is all about death and rebirth as the old self and its baggage are left behind. This process of letting go will change all your relationships and you must find new ways to relate to yourself, your story, others and the world.

Surrendering to the process of the dark night will help you to become a wounded healer. This means letting go of what you no longer need and opening to your life as it actually is. The dark night means you must learn to become a true individual in a society of conformists, and find out who you really are in the depths of your soul. Doing this brings about a relationship with your daemon, or guiding spirit, which will give you the strength to be true to your deeper Self. This daemon is also called your scintilla – the divine spark or inner genius that ‘knows’.

In other words, deep inside you there’s a part of you that knows what you need in any moment. It’s a light hidden in the darkness. In this book, Thomas Moore shows that the best way to deal with a dark night is to use the emotional and intellectual darkness to help see your own luminosity.

You have to make your own world, instead of succumbing to the one that presses on you. You have to turn the tables on what appears to be fate or the full weight of society. Against the greatest odds, you have to keep your wits about you and refuse to surrender to anyone or anything less than divine.”

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