Chapter 5: Maya

I was walking into Heaton, my backpack heavy on my shoulders, when my mobile rang. I knew it was Danny without looking and braced myself for the onslaught. Reality had penetrated the fug in his head and he wasn’t happy. ‘I’m not abandoning you, Dan. You’re not a child.’

I hung up feeling guilty. Then felt bad for feeling guilty. Then felt stupid for feeling bad about feeling guilty.

Cleaning Window

Things didn’t improve through the day. Danny bombarded me with texts, pleading, whining, and angry by turns, until my phone was choking with petulant rage…

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    Continuing the extracts from ‘Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic.’ In this chapter Zoe makes new friends and hears Jonah’s band play for the first time. Meanwhile, Danny isn’t happy his sister has moved out and comes looking for her, only to have a fateful encounter…


  2. […] Many of the myths show a hero or god slaying a bull, and these can be seen as representing how the earlier goddess cults were overthrown by the patriarchy. But they also reveal the need to master the body and its instincts. If the bull is allowed to run the show then you’re at the mercy of your desires. You’ll be driven by a compulsion to devour whatever you can get your sticky mitts on: cake, booze, breasts, money… […]


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