Chapter 3: Three Scary Monsters

The tide was coming in at Tynemouth and the water-logged sand reflected the cold blue sun, dazzling the handful of hardy dog walkers trudging up the beach, wrapped tightly against the wind. Their dogs ran and leapt and barked at the sea, which crashed and rolled as it advanced.


Jonah and I ran down the steps to Long Sands clutching 99 cones and giggling at the absurdity of eating ice cream in winter. … The wind was whipping the sand up and throwing it in our faces, so we walked backwards into the wind and ignored the crunches in our teeth…

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    Continuing the extracts from ‘Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic.’ In this chapter Zoe defends her scary monster theory of life and comes clean about what she’s been hiding. Meanwhile, Jonah receives an unwelcome request and makes Zoe an offer she can’t refuse…


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