Chapter 1: Jonah and the Whale

This story isn’t easy to tell. It’s a bit like one of those obscure films where nothing happens for hours but then you realise that, somehow, everything has changed.

It started the day I met Jonah. He was coming out of the tunnel by the bridge and heading for the quay. I’d been cleaning in Gateshead and was walking down to the bars to hand out business cards before I went home. He was beautiful and almost invisible in the darkness…

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    To celebrate the third anniversary of the publication of Addled: Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic, here’s another chance to read the opening chapters. It’s a novel about spiritual awakening and the fine line between mysticism and madness. In chapter 1 we meet our protagonist: Zoe Popper – a cleaner and reluctant mystic who fears she may be going crazy. This is the start of Zoe’s journey into awakening where she meets Jonah, a musician nursing a broken heart, and then she runs into Dionysus…


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